pigments of january 22nd 2016

the immense diversity of imagined realities that sapiens invented, and the resulting diversity of behaviour patterns, are the main components of what we call ‘cultures’. once cultures appeared, they never ceased to change and develop, and these unstoppable alterations are what we call ‘history’. the cognitive revolution is accordingly the point when history declared its independence from biology.

sapiens: a brief history of humankind

yuval noah harari

pigments of january 14th 2016

finished fates & furies by lauren groff

is it because my understanding for literature lacks than film

or is it just simply not well written

at least a little life by hanya yanagihara was torturing me to the extreme while reading

reading fates & furies was like

i trusted yelp reviewers too much and went to this overpriced french restaurant

where food was blend


pigments of december 23rd 2015

i finished a 721 page book few minutes ago

from the way it ended, from the way the words were written

i know for the next few days there will be a heavy sandbag on my chest

too much of repetitive darkness

i am glad i read it through my kindle and desktop screen

so i can distance myself a bit than flipping through the white pages of an actual book

it helped getting too personal about it

i am not sure how easily and quick i can jump to the next book